Exfoliating Wonder Mitt

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It’s called our 2-in-1 Wonder Mitt for good reason.

The chemical-free tan remover of your dreams


Our Exfoliating Wonder Mitt is your ultimate self-tanning removal hack that removes your old tan instantly, ensuring you are skin ready for your next ‘Thursday Tan Night’ application.

It’s dual-sided to suit all your tanning needs. The pink side allows you to prolong your glow by gently smoothing out bits of your tan that start to get a little patchy - perfect for a tan refresh. Then when you're ready to remove your tan, flip over to the black side for a strong, intense exfoliation! And ‘voila’ watch as it instantly removes dead skin and old self-tan right before your very eyes!! It also helps stimulate blood flow which is great for keeping cellulite at bay, helps with ingrown hairs and uneven skin texture. It truly is the best exfoliator with zero chemicals required, leaving you with a silky smooth base for your next flawless tan application!

One size fits all.


1 - While enjoying a warm shower, rinse of all soap or any other body products on your skin.

2 - Wet the glove and squeeze out the excess water.

3 - Without running water on your body, take the mitt and use firm long strokes to rub in an upward & downward motion. Watch as you see the dead skin cells come right off.

4 - Always go easy on the neck and décolletage area to prevent over-exfoliation.

After each use, rinse your mitt in warm water, ensuring that no residue is left on the mitt. Then simply hang to air dry!


What is the difference between the black side and pink side of the Mitt?

The Black side is an ‘intense’ exfoliation which we recommend using for the removal of your old self-tan, or for a deep level full body exfoliation for smooth, glowing skin! The Pink side is a more ‘gentle’ exfoliation which we recommend using for any patchy areas of your tan that you want to even out to prolong it’s life. This side may also be best for your neck and décolletage as it’s best not to over exfoliate these areas.

Can I use the Exfoliating Wonder Mitt with soap?

Nope! Our Exfoliating Wonder Mitt just requires water. Do not use any products when using it, it’s all you need!

Where should I not use the Exfoliating Wonder Mitt?

We do not recommend using our Exfoliating Wonder Mitt on your face, any open wounds or irritated areas. For first timers go very gently over eczema or psoriasis to be sure not to irritate it.

What is the difference between the Luxe Velvet Tanning Mitt and the Exfoliating Wonder Mitt?

Our Luxe Velvet Tanning Mitt is designed for applying your self-tan for a streak free flawless glow, that looks like it was done by a pro. Our Exfoliating Wonder Mitt gives your skin a deep exfoliation pre-tan and/or helps even out your self-tan to prolong your glow post-tan.