Bronzed Babes Club Nameplate Necklace

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No fade.
 No tarnish. No joke. Bling for beach babes.

Join the Bronzed Babes Club.


Your official medallion to join the Bronzed Babes Club.
Wear this super cool thick cuban chain ‘Bronzed Babes Club nameplate necklace to the beach, in the pool, under your Fox Tan, whatever! It will resist water and lotions making it an everlasting golden part of you. Stack it up with our palm tree necklace for extra beach cred. Golden bling that won’t irritate skin, and lasts in any condition.

Durable. Versatile. Everlasting.
What makes it tough? The answer is in the coating, simply called PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition), but let's not get into the specifics. It's a super strong coating that doesn't go to battle against water, Fox Tan accelerators, lotions or continual wear. You can literally put it on and never take it off, your call.

5mm thick cuban chain, 14” inch necklace with 2” inch extension chain so you can layer it up and/or pick your go to length.

Stack me up. Lightweight. Waterproof. Summer proof.